1. Long Long Ago

From the recording Long Long Ago

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Long Long Ago

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~ from Long Long Ago EP, released May 16, 2018.

Harp & Vocals // Allegra Cramer
Sax & Clarinet // Sagit Zilberman
Piano // Rinat Tregerman
Bass // Suji Kim
Drums // Rafael Lehman
Violin // Meitar Forkosh
Percussion // Rafael Lehman & Lior Tzemach
all rights reserved


Glossy white and gleaming
Inside it smelled like plastic
My family's new Sedona
was glamorous and magic
But mama just cried
she knew how much we'd lose.
cuz Daddy had tried to spend away the blues

long long ago
good or bad let it pass
long long ago
never was meant to last
Long long ago
is a lilting refrain
but Long long ago
won't be holding me back

Me and my shadow
would turn into each other
at seventeen all my sorrows
were walls that shut out others
Longing for love
I feared rejection more.
To how many hearts did I close the door?

Pages keep on turning
but here I am
still learning
with eyes on the horizon
I watch the sunrise burning
Time's just a rhyme
I wanna feel the present glow
Heart in the Now
I can feel my spirit grow.