1. Awakening

From the recording Long Long Ago

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Inspired by a legend that tells of a Zen monk who responded to all of life's fortunes and misfortunes with the simple question "Is that so?"

from Long Long Ago EP, released May 2018.

Harp & Vocals // Allegra Cramer
Violin // Meitar Forkosh
Piano // Rinat Tregerman
Bass // Suji Kim
Drums // Rafael Lehman
Percussion // Rafael Lehman & Lior Tzemach
all rights reserved


i was walking with the dead
when he walked into my life
a kind of Master Zen
his eyes were clear and spirited
I was listening long before
there were words...

he said
deep behind the hologram
Is a mystery, a silent thoughtless gap
I know you've been afraid of that
but now the tides aren't holding back
The surging of an ocean inside
has begun...

it's so easy
to follow the hounds
of reason and "logical thought"
but lately
I'm tired of the chase
never still, unfulfilled
i just wanna feel whole

standing at the water's edge
i cried: I don't even know myself!
and all I thought I knew is lost.
the Master answers with a smile
he turns and he answers
"is that so?"

i'm giving up
yes i'm giving in
to awakening